penstock: linear ventilation

Successful odour control and H2S stop since 2002
View of the penstock in the Harz Forest: the team of wastewater specialists and the landscape.

An air spa breathes a sigh of relief: Odour elimination and corrosion prevention

Significant H2S odour problems damaged the air health resorts - fresh air in the Harz Mountains since 2002.

Tanne (Harz Mountains): Linear treatment with air is economical and effective, as it treats metre by metre. A section of about two kilometres of pressure pipe, with a total height difference of 40 m, was installed in 2002 - since then the plant has been in operation without any problems.

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Odour control with the Drausy® system

Tanne (Harz): Odour and corrosion are prevented with oxygen - through linear aeration in the wastewater pressure line

Keeping wastewater fresh

Through the targeted use of Drausy® aeration in the pressure line, odours are successfully and permanently removed without additives:

The intensity, location, frequency, duration and characteristics of the odour nuisance must be checked by an expert. By analysing measurement data and examining the longitudinal sections of your facility, we can make a recommendation for the use of the Drausy® system.

Which products have been used?

Trautenstein plant: For odour control, two sections were covered with 828 m and 1106 m of Drausy® system hose - they are successfully in operation since 2002

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