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Watercourse restoration with environmental biotechnology creates the best conditions for a healthy watercourse - through an oxygen-rich environment at the bottom of the watercourse. With our production and installation team from trade and industry, we respond to the conditions of the individual projects - several special boats are used as required. The team is also put together according to the challenge: Engineers, mechanical engineers and industrial climbers work hand in hand on our assignments. The friendly relationship among each other is the basic prerequisite for the best results: you can rely on us.

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Drausy® products meet the highest requirements - our expertise grows through diversity and long-term projects.

Research and development are important - through maintenance contracts and regular visits to the plants as well as evaluations of analytical data, we are familiar with the project progress after commissioning.

By exchanging information with our customers and looking back on completed projects, we know the potential of our environmental biotechnology application and are constantly developing it further.

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