Healthy ponds, fresh air.

Small bubbles - big effect.

to the application areas

Keeping water and waste water fresh

Small bubbles - big effect.

to the application areas

DRAUSY: to preserve our habitat.

Drausy company is creating aerobic environments for decades: minimal dosage of atmospheric oxygen with maximum efficiency. Without additives.  The pressure-balancing distribution system Drausy® Professional, patented in 1998, is able to distribute oxygen evenly over long distances. Linear or planar. Without restriction in length or depth.

DRAUSY products

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Environmental biotechnology can address different problems - we have listed some of them here.

Treat sludge

Oxygen enrichment in the soil milieu reduces volume (organic matter), dissolves putrefactive gases and counteracts siltation.

Eliminate oxygen deficiency

The entire water body is enriched with oxygen and creates a better habitat for plants and animals.

Avoid algae growth

The Drausy system permanently removes excess nutrients from the water body. As a result, algae no longer multiply so strongly in the body of water.

Avoid partial greenhouse gas

The aerobic soil environment prevents the formation of new organic matter - which also means that no more putrefactive gases are formed.

Prevent odours and H2S formation

The fine-bubble continuous aeration eliminates odours at the point of origin. In an aerobic environment, even corrosive sulphur gases can no longer form.

Improve leachate

On-site treatment and subsequent infiltration are achieved when organisms are adapted and enough oxygen is available.

Greywater treatment plant with aerated plants

Drausy® is part of vertECO: this technology treats greywater using a vertical, plant-based ecosystem.

In situ soil remediation

Laying the Drausy® system directly on the surface of the remediation horizon can reduce CHC soil contamination.

Our expertise - that's what we can achieve for you:

Artificially created habitats do not regenerate themselves. We provide a balanced environment - completely naturally.


Highest quality standards, best material.

We configure your system individually in our own factory. Quality control is carried out by us. We always produce using state-of-the-art technology. The basic material used is the highest quality TPU on the market. Only where Drausy® is on it is Drausy® in it.

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