Small bubbles - big effect

Size makes all the difference

water remediation, greenhouse gas prevention, odour control

Small bubbles - big effect

Size makes all the difference

biological desludging, watercourse remediation, odour control

DRAUSY: so that the environment can breathe again.

Tiny air pearls at the bottom provide an oxygen-rich environment. Oxygen therapy brings the water into balance. Naturally. Area-wide. Permanently.

our promise

Artificially created habitats do not regenerate themselves. We provide a balanced environment - completely naturally.

For habitat preservation

Oxygen therapy avoids siltation, fish mortality, greenhouse gas emissions.

Lack of oxygen in the water endangers plants and animals - organic matter forms putrid sludge. Toxic gases escape - rising temperatures change the environment. The Drausy® system helps to preserve habitats.

our values - our vision - that's what Drausy® stands for

[ˈdraʊzi] - sleepy, sluggish - the gentle milieu change transforms stinking pools into shiny pearls - with a little time and an ingenious tool, we make the world a little better.

Responsibility / Quality of life

Humans need nature - they can help to rebalance the damage they have caused through natural processes.

Customer orientation / commitment

To be able fixing your problem by our solution, we need your cooperation to achieve the treatment goal: you can rely on us for conception, execution and support. Naturally.

Team spirit / passion

Some of our experts have been with us since the beginning - because with every new project a new passion begins: nature remains exciting.

Innovation / Combination

Research and development are daily business at Drausy® - we work according to the latest scientific findings - so that you get the best solution from us.

Inspiration / small holes with a big effect

The ingenious Drausy® distribution system was originally invented for irrigation - its areas of application are the result of inventiveness, ingenuity and openness to experimentation.

Expertise / Experience

Two decades of scientific monitoring and empirical observations form our wealth of experience. The findings of our completed projects form the basis of our advisory services.

Act sustainably - protect our climate

Drausy® is used to preserve biotopes, conserve listed buildings and repair damage caused by civilisation. Without additives. For long periods of time. Without interfering with natural habitats.

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