About us

Visions, values and people behind them.

Our most important resource: water

We are committed to preserving our habitat.

Blue-green infrastructure has never been as valuable as it is today - in the wake of climate change and greater awareness that our planet is worth protecting, biological - or environmental biotechnology - is attractive and modern.

If you are planning an operation where the environment is to be protected and sustainable values are relevant - then you have come to the right place.

All the people at Drausy do fantastic work - out of passion. Competence, creativity and a sense of responsibility characterise the team. In the background, people who have been with the company for many years work on integrating experience with the Drausy® system into new projects and developing new potential.

At this point: Thank you - to the entire team and to our customers.

to the application areas

Backstage - a look behind the scenes

DWA-M 154-2

2022 - Drausy application is practical example for the prevention of odours in the leaflet of the German Association for Water Management, Wastewater and Waste.

official design icon

2021 - nominated as ICON for the German Sustainability Award Design - "Form Follows Function" - the pressure equalisation takes place, among other things, through the cross-sectional deformation.

New head office

2019 - Move to Offenbach am Main.

Company anniversary

2018 - twenty years of Drausy company. Branches in France and China - a reason to celebrate.

Starting the business

1998 - International patent for the linear pressure-balancing distributing device - the applications of the Drausy® system form the basis of our work.

The picture shows Cordula Jäger in the mood for departure during the move from Schweigen-Rechtenbach to Offenbach - she has put on a pith helmet due to the situation, as the company takeover is a big adventure.

Cordula Jäger

Managing Partner

Cordula Jäger - daughter of the company founder - took over the company out of conviction: to fight against climate change through active action. The graduate designer combines family traditions (inventive spirit: Nikolaus Weth and limnology: Hartmut Kausch) with many years of industrial experience.

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Olaf Jäger - mechanical engineer - has decades of experience in metal and trade fair construction as well as in the design of systems with gas and engine technology. He enriches the entire team with his spirit and his skills.

Olaf Jäger

Head of Production and Development

Highly experienced in metal construction and gas applications, Drausy GmbH made a lucky find in the mechanical engineer. His retread for us: optimization of production chain and machine park and strategic research and application development.

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+49 69 86787236

our values - our vision - that's what Drausy® stands for

[ˈdraʊzi] - sleepy, sluggish - the gentle milieu change activates biological processes: the blue-green infrastructure is upgraded, odour nuisances from sewer systems are eliminated.

Responsibility / Quality of life

Drausy® helps to bring anthropogenically used and damaged water bodies back into balance by activating natural processes.

Customer focus / Commitment

The exchange with our customers is important to us: you can rely on us for conception, execution and support to achieve the treatment goal.

Team spirit / Passion

With every new project, a new challenge begins: nature remains exciting. Our Drausy® experts, some of whom have been with us for many years, are passionate about their work.

Innovation / Combination

Research and development are daily business - we always work according to the latest findings and consult with scientists - for best results.

Inspiration / small bubbles - big effect

The fields of application of Drausy® are the result of inventiveness, ingenuity and openness to experimentation.

Expertise / Experience

The findings of our completed projects from two decades form the basis of our consulting services.

Act sustainably - protect our climate

The resource water is actively enhanced by Drausy®. Without additives. For long periods of time. Without interfering with natural habitats.

Contact us for your customised Drausy® system.

Problems with mud or odour? We do have your solution.