penstock: linear ventilation

Fresh air for a relaxed life
Foul odours in the residential area can be avoided: the Drausy linear ventilation system tackles the cause - fine-bubble continuous ventilation eliminates odours at the point of origin.

Odour nuisance permanently stopped

Displeasure due to considerable H2S odours - fresh air again since 2012

Neukirchen (NRW): Since the Erftverband closed the sewage treatment plants Todenfeld and Hilberath in 2007, residents of Neukirchen complained about "beastly" stench, which often even caused retching. Numerous efforts failed - until the penstock was ventilated in a linear fashion. With the Drausy® system.

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Odour control with the Drausy® system

Odour and corrosion are eliminated directly in the wastewater pressure pipe - through fine-bubble oxygen injection at selected sections of the pipe.

Fix odour problems

The fine-bubble ventilation combats odour formation at the point of origin:

The reduction of odour emissions from sewer networks due to long residence times of wastewater is a problem for operators of extensive sewer networks. Drausy® is efficient and sustainable as a measure for the aerobic operation of pressure pipes.

Keeping wastewater fresh

Fighting odours - preventing corrosion - that's how the Drausy® system works in the pressure line:

Drausy® in the pressure pipe

Which products have been used?

Todenfeld plant: 500 m Drausy® system hose since 2012 - since then the air is fresh again

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