Create biotopes

Naturally beautiful: Designing the environment, integrating living spaces
Shown here: an aerated pond in a private garden - the linear aeration was used as a style element. The water is kept fresh by the treatment - the aeration is an interesting and special style element.

Stylish water maintenance

Renovation and maintenance using the linear Drausy® system.

Artificial water bodies: Garden ponds are popular places for beautiful water plants, fish and birds to stay: it is a pleasure to observe nature in the garden. Unfortunately, algae and sludge problems often occur - this can be prevented by permanent fine-bubble aeration. At the same time, this aeration is a special style element.

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Creating biotopes through gentle aeration

Example garden ponds - gentle and permanent care for artificially created natural habitats

Oxygen protects biotopes

Foul-smelling toxic and climate-damaging gases are broken down:

Dead organic biomass forms dark sludge at the bottom of the water body - this creates an increasingly hostile environment. The gentle aeration attracts aerobic microbacteria through oxygen - these metabolise the organic matter and bind pollutants to the sediment.

Biological desludging - how does it work?

Organic degradation explained simply:

Drausy® principle

Which products have been used?

In all the installations shown, the Drausy® system hose was installed. The examples show that the system is well suited for both large and small projects. Even in residential complexes, the noise level of the compressor is imperceptible - professional accommodation of the technology is the key to the perfect system.

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