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Watercourse restoration in a wetland
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Permanent watercourse maintenance

Pollutant control, water conservation, quality improvement.

Weining, China: The long-term application in the wetland Caohai Lake (CHN) had the goal of improving the water quality. It is a wetland with an area of 20,000 m2 (project area). The chemical parameters phosphorus, total nitrogen, BOD, COD, visible depth and sulphates were reduced.

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Improving water quality in the bird sanctuary

Degradation of pollutants through oxygen therapy

sustainable oxygen saturation

The aeration has significantly improved the water quality:

Chemical oxygen demand COD was reduced by more than 70 %, BOD5 by 93 %. Total N was reduced by 60 %, the visibility depth was doubled and TP was reduced by 90 %. According to these chemical-physical parameters, the trophic status of the water body could be improved from 4.12 (actual status) to 2.6 through the treatment. A permanent visibility depth of 0.8 m can be achieved and thus the visibility depth was more than doubled.

Drausy® Treatment in the Wetland

This is how the water values have improved:

Project details Wetland Treatment

Which products have been used?

The existing sludge in the lake, in the channels and under the reed polders had to be removed. This was the only way to make the water clean and attractive again. At the same time, it was important to reduce the inflowing nutrients. For a treatment area of 20,000 m2 , 2,000 m of system hose and growth carriers were used.

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