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We preserve our environment

Together we are strong - a thank you to the entire Drausy team

In 2020, Drausy GmbH has turned around 180 degrees - a new location, a new team - a new equipment - all have worked very hard to advance the vision of "improving the environment with air".

The men on this video have done a fantastic job - all three are competent, creative and responsible. Some of the people you don't see have been with us for a long time - the experience of those who have been with our company for many years has been a great help to the new Managing Director in understanding what the Drausy® system can do and what it is still capable of.

The company management says: Thank You - to the whole team and to our customers.

For people who don't know us yet:

Times are changing - in the wake of climate change and greater awareness that our planet is worth protecting, organic - even environmental biotechnology - is turning out to be attractive and modern. If you are planning a measure where the environment is to be protected - and sustainable values are to be taken into account - you have come to the right place.

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Backstage - a look behind the scenes

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2021 Drausy GmbH took part in the "German Sustainability Award Design" competition and was nominated as an ICON - the already proven Drausy system is a true "Form Follows Function" product - its shape leads to the property of being able to compensate for pressure.

Head office Offenbach am Main

After twenty years in business, Drausy GmbH moved to the city near Frankfurt in 2019.

Company anniversary

In 2018, the company's anniversary was celebrated in the founding town of Schweigen-Rechtenbach - in the meantime, numerous projects have been realised at home and abroad. Two branches of Drausy GmbH are located in France and China - a reason to celebrate.

Starting the business

In 1998, the foundation stone for Drausy GmbH was laid - the patent for the linear pressure-balancing distribution system was granted worldwide and forms the basis of our work.

The picture shows Cordula Jäger in the mood for departure during the move from Schweigen-Rechtenbach to Offenbach - she has put on a pith helmet due to the situation, as the company takeover is a big adventure.

Cordula Jäger

Managing Partner

Cordula Jäger - daughter of the company founder - took over the company in 2020 and dared to retread: together with an expanded team of engineers and scientists, all production machines were optimised, the machinery was increased and research and development were pushed forward.

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Olaf Jäger - mechanical engineer - has decades of experience in metal and trade fair construction as well as in the design of systems with gas and engine technology. He enriches the entire team with his spirit and his skills.

Olaf Jäger

Head of Production and Development

With its many years of experience in metal construction and specialisation in gas applications, Drausy GmbH has made a lucky find in the mechanical engineer. Boat engines and the construction of motorised special vehicles are a vocation - we therefore see challenges in the projects as a nice change that usually ends in a new development.

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Our expertise - that's what we can achieve for you:

Environmental biotechnology can be used to treat different problems - we have shown some of them here. Do you have a problem? We have your perfect solution.

Treat sludge - create flood retention zones

Nature does not need humans - but humans can contribute to bringing the damage they have caused back into balance through natural processes. Oxygen enrichment in the soil environment reduces volume (organics), foul gases are dissolved and siltation is counteracted.

Eliminate oxygen deficiency - avoid fish mortality

The Drausy® system creates an aerobic environment at the bottom of the watercourse without additives through gentle aeration. The oxygen tends to settle at the bottom of the water body due to the tiny bubbles that escape - this creates the extremely high retention time in the water body. The entire body of water is enriched with oxygen and creates a better habitat for plants and animals.

Control excess nutrients - avoid algae growth

Due to an increased nutrient supply, algae multiply in the body of water - some of the algae are very small - so-called floating algae lead to a low visibility depth. The Drausy system permanently removes excess nutrients from the water body. The measure can be reinforced by so-called growth carriers.

Reduce greenhouse gas - promote climate protection

Continuous aeration of the water body, also during night time, creates a continuous aerobic environment and nitrification occurs, i.e. the ammonium contained in the water is converted into nitrate - this helps to maintain the aerobic environment. The degradation of the nitrate to nitrogen takes place and leads to a reduction in the nitrogen content. In the largely mineralised sediments, phosphorus compounds are increasingly retained or their release is reduced. These processes lead to a sustainable equilibrium, as the nutrient pool within the water body is reduced and primary algae production is limited.

Treat waste water - against odours and H2S formation

Foul odours in residential areas can be avoided: the Drausy linear aeration system tackles the cause - the fine-bubble continuous aeration eliminates odours at the point of origin. In an aerobic environment, corrosive sulphur gases can also no longer form - this protects the wastewater facilities and remediation can be delayed for many years.

Treat wastewater - Improve leachate

Digester gases and methane emission are reduced by a simple drainage solution: on-site treatment and subsequent infiltration are achieved when the organisms are adapted and enough oxygen is available; then carbon decomposition works relatively quickly. The treatment means that it no longer stinks, as completely aerobic conditions prevail.

Greywater treatment plant with natural purification processes

Drausy® is part of vertECO: this technology treats greywater using a vertical, plant-based ecosystem. Selected plant species in a special order in combination with microbial activity lead to water purification in this system and thus enable the reuse of the treated greywater.

Soil remediation - treating contamination on site

In-situ remediation with the Drausy® system can reduce CHC soil contamination. The direct installation of the Drausy® system on the surface of the remediation horizon is desirable, as otherwise remediation potential is lost during the necessary flow through the overlying soil layer.

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