Drausy® mobile oxygen emergency supply

Saves the lake during high temperatures. Reduces the colmation layer at the bottom as a seasonal measure.
The mobile unit is intended for temporary use - ensuring emergency oxygen supply on call.

the Drausy® mobile

Your solution for temporary bottlenecks during hot spells - in case of regularly occurring fish kills, increased algae occurrence, as prophylaxis or as a short-term measure - depending on availability.

The Drausy® Mobile: The mobile unit for temporary emergency supply by the Drausy® system can be individually adapted to your needs: the composition of the technical system depends on the required system distance. A parking space

Since all surface waters suffer from similar problems during hot periods, it is advisable to reserve the Drausy® Mobil on call in advance. In this case, we will put together a system on call for you and guarantee provision in an emergency.

Drausy® Professional System

the Drausy® mobile

Your mobile solution for temporary operations:

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Flexible application

If required, we will provide your unit - you can also have us configure a mobile unit and operate it yourself.

temporary treatment

If you have several water bodies that are to be treated in succession, the mobile system is an interesting alternative to the permanently installed Drausy® station..

No construction measure

Through the mobility of the plant, you facilitate the approval requirement of a constructional measure - interesting for nature conservation areas.

Compensate for hot spells - Ensure bathing - Protect the fish population

Think about emergency supply today: Fish are particularly endangered in summer - but mass algae growth, cyanobacteria formation, putrid sludge formation are also unpleasant side effects of predominantly stagnant surface waters. If you cannot decide on your own system - try the mobile solution.

Operate bathing waters

Prevent the closure of your bathing lake in summer

Protect habitat

Prevent mass mortality of your fish in summer

Avoid odour emissions

Control the colmation layer and avoid the generation of greenhouse gases.

You want to aerate your lake? For every 1,000 m2 of floor space, calculate one tenth of the surface area of the section length of the aeration system for intensive treatment - in this case 600 m of Drausy® Professional system hose. 

Is your system located in a residential area/ do you need increased noise protection/ is the budget decisive and the noise level secondary? This question is important for the successful design of the system.

Do you also want to operate the system in winter? Do you want to rent the plant and take care of the installation and removal of the aeration section yourself? Would you like to use our "all-round carefree" package? These questions are important because they are included in the price of the system.

It is best to organise the aeration system at an early stage so that a suitably configured Drausy® Mobile is ready for you when you need it. We will show you the optional possibilities so that you are well prepared and can avoid the annually recurring problems in advance.

the Drausy® mobile

Emergency supply in case of bottlenecks - your insurance for securing bathing water or natural lakes

Contact us for your customised Drausy® system.

Problems with mud or odour? We do have your solution.