Drausy® Professional

Oxygen therapy = aerobic environment at the bottom of the water.

This is how Drausy® Professional works

During biological treatment, microorganisms are activated in an aerobic environment. Without further additives. Sustainable.

The linear pressure-balancing system can be flexibly laid out - it is placed in a line on the bottom of the watercourse in the shape of a wave or grid. The area-wide microinvasive aeration creates an aerobic soil environment.

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Drausy® watercourse rehabilitation

DP-001A 1: Drausy® oxygen therapy for the area-wide distribution of nanobubbles on the bottom of the water.

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Area-wide aeration at the bottom

Pressure compensation up to 10 Km

Sustainable and climate-friendly

For an aerobic soil milieu

For an aerobic soil milieu

Adaptable and robust

Further information about Drausy® Professional

Field reports, analyses and measurement data can be found here: Example projects show the possibilities of biological water treatment.

Permanent prevention of organics in the sediment

Algae prevention in bathing waters - Prevention of siltation - Use of water bodies as fire-fighting water reserve and flood retention

Durable pollutant binding

The Drausy® system prevents rainwater from roof surfaces from deteriorating the watercourse due to harmful substances

Permanent greenhouse gas reduction

Methane is first reduced by conversion and then completely avoided

This is how the Drausy® system works:

It creates an aerobic environment at the bottom of the watercourse through gentle aeration: This is possible because the tiny nanobubbles settle at the bottom and in their surroundings, resulting in a high retention time of oxygen. 

Aerobic microbacteria are attracted, metabolise the organic matter and bind pollutants to the sediment. This results in an efficient oxygen supply: special Drausy® system hoses aerate the bottom of the watercourse with nano-bubbles pressure-equalising over long distances (several kilometres). 

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Components of a Drausy® plant

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