Drausy® DIY KIT

Fish health through natural balance.
Small and large fish ponds and fishing waters can be aerated - regardless of water body size or water body depth.

Aerobic environment at the bottom of the watercourse

When the lake is healthy, the fish are happy. And the fisherman.

Fish ponds and fishing waters have mostly been artificially created - due to fish stocking - and other natural inputs - there is a risk of a thick layer of organic sludge building up. This leads to gases that are toxic to fish. With Drausy®, fish can survive even at elevated temperatures. The DIY-KIT includes the Drausy® Professional aeration system.

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Drausy® DIY KIT

The Drausy® Professional System - as a KIT for self-installation - not only for anglers. Get started yourself and benefit from the price advantage:

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Complete construction kit

You get every necessary part delivered and only have to assemble, install and commission it. Professional equipment for craftsmen.

Assembly aid

We support you with detailed assembly instructions and are available by telephone.


With a starter pack, the ventilation line can be extended up to 400 m. For the aeration of 5,000 m2.

Biotope conservation and protection for the water habitat

The Drausy® DIY KIT is a high-quality kit with professional system components. It consists of the components of a professional Drausy® system and can be assembled and installed by yourself with a little skill - we will support you with questions and advise you in detail - at no extra charge.

Save fish stocking

Fish feel particularly comfortable in fresh water - in summer, oxygen supplementation is a survival strategy

Preserve waters

Organic accumulation at the bottom is permanently prevented - after the existing sludge has been decomposed, aeration serves as prophylaxis

Protect biotopes

Preserve the water habitat: the underwater world is worth protecting - especially in still waters, functioning cycles between animal and plant life are valuable

The Drausy® DIY KIT is the cost-effective variant with the original professional materials - Starter Package: up to 800 sqm pond area. The system can be extended up to a length of 400 m - this means that a water body of up to 5000 sqm can be completely treated with this aeration system. You can find the individual packages here:

Drausy® fishermen Package: our DIY-KIT in three steps

The professional kit for self-installation: The Starter Kit provides you with a complete system with 50 m Drausy® system - with this you can intensively aerate 500 m2 or aerate an area of 800 m2 to maintain the water quality. The extension packages include 50 m or 100 m of Drausy® system hose - up to a total length of 400 m, the Starter Kit system can be used without any problems. If you would like to install a larger system yourself, please contact us.

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