Drausy® system components

Compressed air generation by piston compressor
Small and large fish ponds and fishing waters can be aerated - regardless of water body size or water body depth.

Basic equipment for your Drausy® system

The affordable solution: our low-noise piston compressor.

You can ventilate an area of up to 5000 sqm with the combination. Our oil-free piston compressor is low-noise (72 dBA) and generates compressed air from the ambient air. It communicates with a compressed air tank (250l), which results in running and standing times. This saves electricity and extends the life expectancy of the system.

We supply our patented configured Drausy® system hose for this purpose - as an application for water bodies or in waste water.

Drausy® Products

System components with piston compressor

Drausy® Professional - Oxygen therapy for the area-wide distribution of nanobubbles in the water. Oxygen therapy for linear distribution of nanobubbles in the pressure line. Oxygen therapy for a uniformly aerobic environment.

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How does the Drausy® aeration work?

Efficient oxygen enrichment through linear fine distribution at the bottom - the entire water body is treated: the nanobubbles have a high retention time.

Piston compressor

The cost-effective pressure generator - ideal for small systems or for self-assembly (in the DIY-KIT):

Low noise (72 dBA)

Included in the DIY starter package

230 V connection

No heavy current necessary


Simple and solid design

The cost-effective pressure generator communicates with the 250 l compressed air tank: the compressed air is buffered in the tank, and a precision pressure reducer delivers the compressed air evenly to the ventilation system. The compressor is kept stationary and running for approx. 15 years, thus maintaining the service life of the unit. This design is extremely energy efficient - due to the pressure equalisation of the aeration system, the discharged air is distributed over a long distance at a uniform low pressure at the bottom of the water.

System components with piston compressor

Your cost-effective professional solution

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