Long-term and Sustainable Management  of Artificial Water Bodies By comprehensive micro-invasive aeration along the entire watercourse surface, the environment is transformed from oxygen-poor to oxygen-rich. The Results are a degradation of organic matter, a permanent binding of pollutants and nutrients to the sediment, an algae/cyanobacteria avoidance, an oxygen enrichment and a reduction of harmful greenhouse gases.

World Canals Conference 2022

WCC2022 Leipzig - World Canals Conference 2022 30.05. - 03.06.2022 Since 1988, the World Canals Conference…

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Some like ice - some don't. For fish in shallow waters, ice can become a problem. The aquatic habitat of a pond is a versatile habitat that is influenced by many factors. Leaf litter and fish food or the water filling itself form the nutrient basis - they are the basis for plant growth, but on the other hand they also form organic sludge layers at the bottom of the pond. If it freezes for a very long time, as it did this winter, and there is also - obscuring - snow on the ice, it can become critical for still waters, plants and organic matter decompose with considerable oxygen consumption. As long as the pond gets enough light, plants produce a lot of oxygen under ice during the day through photosynthesis, even in winter. If there is no light in the pond, the previously green parts of the plants also consume additional oxygen through decomposition. For the fish in the pond, oxygen then becomes scarce; carp die if the oxygen level is permanently below 2 mg/l, and trout die if the oxygen level is permanently below 3 mg/l. The problem of oxygen deficiency can be further aggravated - as can be seen in the picture, fish die in droves if the living conditions are not suitable. With linear basic aeration, lakes and ponds are efficiently supplied with air bubbles that remain in the water for a long time: they not only release oxygen to the fish, but also continuously break down organic sludge, thus preventing the formation of gas that is toxic to fish. Berlin Oxygen Ice formation

Goodbye 2021

Some like ice - some don't. For fish in shallow waters, ice can become a problem. The aquatic habitat…

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Exhibition in Berlin: Federal Ecodesign Award 2021

national award ecodesign 2021

We were invited to take part in the exhibition for the bundespreis ecodesign - there Cordula had the…

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Freshly arrived: the Unimog U4000 - Machinery Park Vehicles Unimog

UNIMOG: Gentle environmental clean-up now via the air

A Unimog with a crane is now used for the operation of the Drausy crew - the a&f (agriculture and forestry)…

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Visionary: Drausy inventor Nikolaus Weth German sustainability award

Nomination for Design Icon DNP 2021

Finalist: German Sustainability Award Design 2021  Solution: DRAUSY Professional linear distribution…

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