Oxygen saturation

Prevent siltation
View of fishing water Tankgraben Malsch - you can see buoys and a fine bubble trail

Permanent watercourse maintenance

Ditch deepening, prevention of fish kills.

Malsch: The treatment objective was to deepen the tank ditch and prevent fish kills. At the beginning, about 11,200 m3 of organic matter were removed from the 1.6 ha ditch through intensive treatment - afterwards, aeration was carried out with a reduced distance. Fish mortality is a thing of the past.

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Trench deepening with the Drausy® system

Malsch tank ditch - a fishing water is being rehabilitated

Oxygen in, digested sludge out

The organic part of the sediment is biodegraded:

In balanced environments, destructives have sufficient oxygen for biomass decomposition - organics make up the largest volume fraction in sediment - we recommend treatment for volume decomposition around 10% loss on ignition of dry matter.

Combating siltation - Malsch case study

Final report on ditch deepening and water quality improvement:

Final Report Tank Trench Rehabilitation

Which products have been used?

Initially, the 1.6 ha of ditch water area was intensively aerated with a Drausy® system hose section of approx. 1,400 m - in parallel, oxygen inoculation was carried out at regular intervals. Permanent aeration with a stretch of 350 m Drausy® Professional is placed in the same section every four years.

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