Space for water

Rainwater retention and flood protection
Drausy® system hoses (in the foreground) are inserted into the retention basin to minimise the volume in the sediment

Sustainable watercourse management

Rainwater retention, fire-fighting water reserve.

Bad Vilbel: The Ritterweiher is a technical water body. As a rainwater retention basin, it plays an important role in heavy rain and flood events. Rainwater flows into the Ritterweiher pond from various directions via street inlets; in particular, the incoming water from the Bad Vilbel forest is discharged here. The Drausy® system has been in operation since 2014 and ensures a controlled sediment volume.

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Sustainable and climate-friendly oxygen therapy

Retention Bad Vilbel - Space for water volume

Sludge volume reduction

The organic part of the sediment is biodegraded:

Organic matter makes up the largest volume share in the sediment - the inputs from the nearby forest and the surrounding area are continuously counteracted. The aeration has proven its worth since 2014.

  • Controlled pollutant binding - phosphate remains bound in the aerobic sediment
  • Volume reduction - through decomposition of the organic matter and compression of the sediment
  • Oxygen enrichment - even at elevated temperatures

Sludge decomposition: organics make up the largest volume share

The loss on ignition gives an indication of the organic content in the sediment:

Explanation loss on ignition Volume reduction sediment

Which products have been used?

A total of 500 m of Drausy® system hose was applied to the 5,000 m2 water body area in April 2013 - some zones were treated with sediment inoculation. After five months of successful treatment, the aeration section was reduced to 200 m as a permanent installation and is still active.

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