Biodegradation of the organics
View of the Backhaus Pond at Kranichstein Hunting Lodge Darmstadt

Permanent watercourse maintenance

Renovation and maintenance using the linear Drausy® system.

Darmstadt: Heavily silted natural lakes or artificial water bodies can regain their natural balance - under their own steam: the biology only needs the aerobic environment. The Drausy® system is spread and installed via the waterway.

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Desludging with the Drausy® system

Example of the Backhaus Pond - cleared of silt

Sludge volume reduction

The organic part of the sediment is biodegraded:

In balanced environments, destructives have sufficient oxygen for biomass decomposition - organics make up the largest volume fraction in sediment - we recommend treatment for volume decomposition around 10% loss on ignition of dry matter.

  • Volume reduction - through decomposition of the organic matter and compression of the sediment
  • Clear view - more depth of view, as suspended algae are avoided due to nutrient removal
  • Oxygen enrichment - through an extensive aerobic environment at the bottom

Biological desludging - how does it work?

Organic degradation through micro-invasive basic aeration:

Drausy® principle

Which products have been used?

A total of 1,500 m of Drausy® system hose was installed as a serpentine line on the base area of the historic park pond - as the installation is permanent, the aeration line is sufficient for the approx. 2.1 ha area.

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