Maintain bathing waters

Oxygen therapy against cyanobacteria and algae
View of the pond Maderna - a bathing lake in the Austrian Deutsch-Brodersdorf - in the setting sun

Durable watercourse maintenance

Algae prevention through oxygen therapy.

Deutsch-Brodersdorf, Austria: The intensive conversion and decomposition processes of the organic substances that had been sedimented for years, brought about by the aeration, were largely completed after two years: The sediments are almost free of algae and bacteria growth. The aeration measures will be continued in order to keep the algae growth as low as possible (mechanical stress) and to further promote oxidation processes in the sediment. 

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Avoid algae and cyanobacteria

Madernateich bathing lake - preserving the water body, safeguarding bathing operations

Algae prevention

Permanently bind nutrients and pollutants to the sediment:

Due to an increased nutrient supply, algae multiply in the body of water - the algae are sometimes very small - so-called floating algae lead to a low visibility depth. The Drausy® system binds nutrients at the bottom of the water body. This makes the water clearer, as floating algae no longer find food - excess nutrients are permanently removed from the water body.

Climate change with consequences - increased temperatures lead to oxygen deficiency

Oxygen consumption in the water as a function of water temperature:

Diagram O2 content vs. Temp avoid algae and cyanobacteria

Which products have been used?

For watercourse improvement, the Drausy® Professional aeration system was used with a length of 1,000 m since 31 May 2008 - the system is still in use.

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